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Please read the instructions carefully before you proceed.

View Blank Report Form in PDF format.

View SF 425 Federal Financial Report (FFR) Form in PDF format.

View How-To Guide with detailed screen instructions in PDF format.

General Information

Reporting Requirements - The final performance report and the SF 425 report for expired projects must be submitted 90 days after the end of final budget period.
Grantees are also required to submit a supplement to the final performance report two years after the expiration of their GAANN grant. The purpose of this supplement is to identify and report the educational and employment outcome of each GAANN fellow. Submission of these reports is required under the Education Department General Administrative Regulations (EDGAR) volume 75.590, 75.720, and 75.730-732 and under 2 CFR 200.328 (Monitoring and reporting program performance).

Format of performance report - You must complete and submit the report online using this Web site.

Note: Further funding or other benefits may be withheld under this program unless all required reports are completed and filed as mandated under the U.S. Code of Federal Regulations.


  • Budget Period - A one-year interval of time within a project period, which exists for budget reporting purposes.

  • Cumulative - From the grant's first budget period to date.

  • Project Period - The three-year period of time that is the total length of the GAANN grant.

The current FPR collection is for 2013 - 2015 Cohorts. The current supplemental report collection is for grantees who submitted their FPR in 2017.

The Final and Supplemental Performance Reports must be submitted by Friday, December, 14, 2018.

GAANN Performance Report Web Site

Navigation - Two methods of navigation are provided on this site. A sidebar menu appears on the left side with links to display the reporting screens. Links to these pages are also available on the Performance Report Menu screen. There are [Page 1], [Page 2], and [Complete] buttons on the upper right side on the Grantee Information and Fellow data entry screens to allow you to navigate between the pages.

Report Data - Both the grantee and fellow data sections of the report consist of three consecutive pages of questions - page 1, page 2, and a mark complete pages. Information may be added or modified at any time. Required fields are marked with a red asterisk.

Buttons - Each data entry page has [Save and Continue], [Save], and [Reset] buttons at the bottom of the page. When either Save button is clicked, the data will first be edited. If corrections need to be made, a pop-up message will display. Otherwise, the data will be saved. If the [Save and Continue] button is clicked, the next page will display. The [Reset] button clears changes just entered on the screen.

Report Process - There are four steps involved in completing the report for a grant program year.

  1. Grantee Information
    • Click the "Grantee Information" link to view the Grantee Information - Page 1 screen.
    • Review and, if necessary, edit the grantee information on both Page 1 and Page 2.
    • Click the [Complete] button to go to the "Grantee Complete" page when you've completed editing the grantee information to mark it complete.
    • If there is missing information, a message will display. You must click the [Complete Grantee] button on this page before you can submit your report.

  2. Fellows for FPRs
    • Click the "Fellow List" link to display your list of fellows.
    • For each fellow, check whether the fellow is funded or not for the current program year on the fellow list screen and click the [EDIT] button.
    • Depending on the fellow's funding status, different data entry screens will display.
    • Not Funded fellows will require the fellow's educational status only.
    • For Funded fellows, fill out the information on both Page 1 and Page 2.
    • For funded fellows only, click the [Complete Fellow] button on the "Complete Fellow Record" page when you've completed editing the fellow information to mark it complete. If there is missing information, a message will display. You must click the [Complete Fellow] button on this page for each funded fellow before you can submit your report. You may continue to update fellow information even if you have marked the fellow complete.
    • To add a fellow to your list, click the [Add New Fellow] button at the bottom of the list. Follow the instructions above for funded fellows.

  3. Fellows for Supplemental Reports
    • Click the "Fellow List" link to display your list of fellows.
    • For each fellow, click the [EDIT] button.
    • Select the educational and employment status and click the [Save and Return] button.

  4. Certification Form
    • Click the "Certification form" link on the left side of the page.
    • Print the form.
    • This form must be signed and dated by both the project director and the certifying official.
    • After it is signed, scan the document and save it on your computer.
    • Click the [Submit FPR] link. Click the [Browse...] button next to the Upload Signed Certification Page screen and select the signed certification form file from your computer.
    • Click the [Upload] button to save it to your report.
    • Do NOT fax or mail the certification form to your GAANN program officer.

  5. Submit the Report
    • Click the "Submit Report" link.
    • If you have completed the grantee information and all fellows, a [Submit Report] button will display.
    • Click the button to submit your report to ED.
    • You will not be able to update your report after it is submitted. If you need to update the information, contact your program officer to have the report unsubmitted.
    • You may upload your signed Certification Form after submitted your report.

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