U.S.Department of Education Staff Report

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Senior Department Official on Recognition Compliance Issues

Recommendation Page

  1. Agency: National Association Of Schools Of Dance, Commission on Accreditation ( 1983 / 2014)
    (The dates provided are the date of initial listing as a recognized agency and the date of the agency’s last grant of recognition.)
  2. Action Item: Petition for Continued Recognition
  3. Current Scope of Recognition: The accreditation throughout the United States of freestanding institutions that offer dance and dance-related programs (both degree and non-degree-granting), including those offered via distance education.
  4. Requested Scope of Recognition: Same as above.
  5. Date of Advisory Committee Meeting: 07/31/2019
  6. Staff Recommendation: Continue the agency's recognition as a nationally recognized accrediting agency at this time, and require the agency to come into compliance within 12 months with the criteria listed below , and submit a compliance report due 30 days thereafter that demonstrates the agency's compliance.
  7. Issues or Problems: It does not appear that the agency meets the following sections of the Secretary’s Criteria for Recognition. These issues are summarized below and discussed in detail under the Summary of Findings section.

    -- The agency does not meet the requirements of this section of the criteria The NASD must amend its continuous deferral policy to clarify that an adverse action would be initiated after an institution is found not in compliance with an agency standard and has exceeded the continuous deferral policy of two years [§602.20(a)]

Executive Summary


The National Association of Schools of Dance, Commission on Accreditation (NASD or the agency) is both a programmatic and institutional accreditor, however the agency is only recognized for the accreditation of freestanding institutions. The principal purpose of this agency is the accreditation of freestanding institutions that offer degree-granting and non-degree-granting dance programs and the accreditation of dance programs within institutions accredited by a national recognized regional accrediting agency. The agency's freestanding institutions may use its accreditation by the agency to establish eligibility to participate in Title IV, HEA financial aid programs. The agency accredits 10 freestanding institutions, with three that use the agency’s accreditation to participate in the Title IV funding programs.

Recognition History

NASD has been granted periodic renewal of recognition since its initial recognition in 1983. The last full review of the agency was conducted in June 2014. Both Department staff and the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI or the Committee) recommended to the senior Department official to continue the agency's recognition and require it to come into compliance within 12 months, and submit a compliance report that demonstrates the agency's compliance with the issues cited in the staff report. The senior Department official, Acting Assistant Secretary Lynn Mahaffie, concurred with the recommendations and this compliance report is in response to that requirement.

NASD last appeared before the NACIQI in the spring of 2015 when the NACIQI recommend to renew the agency's recognition for a period of four years. The agency petition to the Secretary for continued recognition is the subject of this report. The Department did not receive any written third-party comments regarding this agency.

NASD has had no complaints filed with the Department during the period since its last recognition.


The agency meets the requirements of the Secretary's Criteria for Recognition.


The Department did not receive any written third - party comments regarding this agency.