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Senior Department Official on Recognition Compliance Issues

Recommendation Page

  1. Agency: Kansas State Board of Nursing ( 2007 / 2016)
    (The dates provided are the date of initial listing as a recognized agency and the date of the agency’s last grant of recognition.)
  2. Action Item: Petition for Continued Recognition
  3. Scope of Recognition: State agency for the approval of nurse education.
  4. Date of Advisory Committee Meeting: 02/27/2020
  5. Staff Recommendation: Renew the agency’s recognition for four years
  6. Issues or Problems: None noted.

Executive Summary


The Kansas State Board of Nursing (Board or agency) is a state agency for the approval of nurse education. Recognition by the agency enables the professional nurse education programs that it approves to seek eligibility for Federal assistance pursuant to the Nurse Training Act of 1964, as amended. Recognition also allows program graduates of the agency's accredited institutions to enter military service in the Nurse Officer Corps.

The Board currently approves 46 pre-licensure programs that include: baccalaureate degree-nursing programs; associate degree practical nursing programs; and 8 approved graduate nurse programs that include: nurse practitioner, clinical nurse specialist, and various masters of science for a total of 54 programs approved by the Board.

Recognition History

The Kansas State Board of Nursing was granted initial recognition in 2007 for a period of two years and was required to provide an interim report addressing issues identified under sections 3(c), 3(d), 3(e)(4), 3(f)(1-2), and 3(g). Since that initial review, the agency has been periodically reviewed and continued recognition has been granted after each review.

The agency was last reviewed for renewal of recognition at the fall 2015 meeting of the National Advisory Committee on Institutional Quality and Integrity (NACIQI). Both Department staff and NACIQI recommended to the senior Department official to renew the agency's recognition for a period of four years. The senior Department official, Lynn B. Mahaffie, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Policy, Planning, and Innovation, Delegated the Duties of Assistant Secretary for Postsecondary Education, concurred with the recommendations.

In conjunction with the agency's petition for recognition, Department staff reviewed the agency's supporting documentation and observed a site visit in September 2019. Since the agency's last review, the Department has received no complaints and no third-party comments.


The agency meets the requirements of the Secretary's Criteria for Recognition.


The Department did not receive any written third - party comments regarding this agency.