Privacy Act

Authority: The legal authority to collect and use this data is derived from Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965, as amended (Pub. Law 102-325, Section34 CFR 602 and 603). In accordance with this authority, the Department receives and maintains personal information in the ASL programs cited in 1.1.

Purpose: The PII in the system is being collected to have contact information for the account being created for the accrediting agencies and foreign medical schools that includes accrediting agency name, name of contact, work email, work phone.

Routine Uses: ASL personnel will use this information to determine an individual’s or school’s eligibility, validate, and verify applications for recognition.

Disclosure: Information is needed from the agency, but this information is voluntary, and the agency can choose to not provide. If the agency declines to provide this information, the ASL staff would not be able to complete the recognition process.